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KSA rules - Amateur

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Armature Tournament Regulations

ArT.1: This book is to consider a good manner as a high value, and keep fair and safe competition as a top priority in Tournament game according to sportsmanship.

Art.2: Members should Keep and follow Public order and the laws and regulations of the city hosting the Tournament.

Art.3: It is participants’ responsibility that any accident, injury, and losing property may occur during Tournament.

Art.4: Any violation of the regulations is subjected to follow the event committee’s decision.

Entry Qualification

PARA.1: Amateur KSA members shall qualify for entry in the event automatically when they pay the entry fee on tournament day.

PARA.2: Any Non-KSA member shall qualify for entry in the event if they pay the entry fee and utility usage fee on the tournament day.

PARA.3: Pro players cannot participate in Amateur Tournaments except at special Tournaments designated by KSA.

PARA.4: Ex-KSA Pro anglers shall be qualified as an amateur member after one year.

(Entry Request)

PARA.1: All participants should fill out an entry request and submit it to the event office.

PARA.2: After submitting entry request, the starting number will be issued by a drawing in Pro Tournament.

Tournament Procedure

PARA.1: All participants should attend the opening ceremony.

PARA.2: All Tournament information such as fishing areas, times, keeper size, fish quantity, and the rule of the measurement will be announced during opening ceremony.

PARA.3: Fishing before Tournament is prohibits.


PARA.1: The event committee decides when and how to start the event with regard to the weather condition of the day and the boat quantity. An entry back number and personal score card will be issued out at the reception office.

PARA.2: The participant should pay attention to his starting order to avoid any disadvantage. After a opening ceremony, participant should get the stamp of the start confirmation. No stamp on the score card is invalid. If cheating is found out, score card will be confiscated and participant will be disqualified.

PARA.3: The participant should do arrival report on time.

Closing ceremony

PARA.1: All participants must attend the closing ceremony.

PARA.2: The Tournament will be ended with a closing address by a chairman of the event committee after Award ceremony.

PARA.3: After the closing ceremony, all participants should clean up around the event area.

(Validation and Suspension of Tournament)

PARA.1: As a general rule, Tournament should be continued by changing of the Tournament rule even though it’s a stormy weather on the event day.

PARA.2: Even though Tournament is able to be opened due to a stormy weather, Tournament could be continued by changing of the rule, location and suspension of the event.

PARA. 3: When Tournament is suspended or participants have a safety threat by a stormy weather, they should come back to the event office or flee to a safety zone immediately, and report the situation to the event office.

PARA.4: Tournament is valid when the event has been continued for 2 hours, and will be awarded by the result at that time.

(Nature protection)

PARA.1: Nature destruction will not be tolerated like making an artificial fishing point by using any ways or means.

PARA.2: Do not throw away any waste or garbage to the water.


PARA.1: Measurement could be varied by the kind of the event (on the spot measurement, measurement after game).

PARA.2: In a general rule, fish has to be measured in a best condition (it could be varied by the kind of the event).

PARA.3: KSA installs the measurement equipment.

PART.4: Get a judgment of live and suspicious symptom.

PARA.5: The scoring officer makes a decision for the condition of the fish.

PARA.6: The measuring is from mouth to tail while mouth is closed (exclude under size fish from measurement).

PARA.7: Do not extend the weight or length of the fish artificially (exclude from measurement)

PARA.8: KSA makes a decision for the fish after scoring and measurement.


PARA.1: All protests should be requested to the event committee before award ceremony.

PARA.2: Protest should be requested immediately on the judgment of live and death. (Requesting Protest after measurement shall not be accepted)

PARA.3: In case of reexamination, it will be processed by the result of reexamination.

PARA.4: No protest after award ceremony.


PARA.1: Up to the top 5th place will be awarded with medal and extra prize.

PARA.2: Below 5th place will be awarded with the prize that the sponsor prepared.

PARA.3: KSA (sponsor) determines the award parameter.

Etiquette at Armature Tournament

When player catches and try to landing it, the side player should withdraw his line.
Restrain from upsetting another player with pre- occupying fishing point by several players.
Report to the event supervisor when player see an unsavory behavior.
Try to make a pleasant Tournament by using a warm- hearted language.

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