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KSA rules - Challenger Pro

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Tournament Rules

ART.1: This book is to consider a good manner as a high value, and keep fair and safe competition as a top priority in Tournament game according to sportsmanship.

Art.2: Members should Keep and follow Public order and the law and regulation of the city hosting Tournament.

Art.3: It is participants’ responsibility that any accident, injury, and losing property may occur during Tournament.

Art.4: This game is called as CHALLENGER PRO LEAGUE. Any violation of the regulations is subjected to follow the event committee’s decision.

PARA.1: The Tournament committee is organized by president, director, chairman of committee, and officials. The president is designated as chairman of the event committee. In absence of the president, the director, the chairman of each committee will take over the position in order.

PARA.2: If any problem that is not covered by the tournament rules arises, it shall be followed the game committee’s decision.

PARA.3: These Tournament rules could be changed by unexpected situation.

ART.5 (Entry qualification)

PARA.1: Anybody who has all equipment that is required by KSFA.

PARA.2: Any KSF member who paid all fee, and finished a designated class that is required by KSA.

PARA.2: KSA Pro players must have a valid boat license, and a registered boat according to the water leisure safety law.

PARA.3: A participant can be prohibited from participating in the tournament if he has a health problem, and/or usage of alcohol that might cause the violation of safe boat operations on the tournament day.

PARA.4: Anyone who commits cheating or interrupting tournament will be suspended.

(Entry Request)

PARA.1: All participants should fill out an entry request and submit it to the event office.

PARA.2: After submitting entry request, the starting number will be issued by a drawing in Pro Tournament.

PARA.3: The event committee will decide how to do a drawing, and deadline for entry request.

(Tournament Procedures)

Tournament time is from opening ceremony to closing ceremony.

All participants should carry the Tournament rule book at times during the Tournament day.

Opening ceremony

PARA.1: All participants should attend the opening ceremony. Not attending is (-500g) penalty for the event. A habitual absentee (more than 3 times) will receive a suspension penalty of one Tournament.

PARA.2: All Tournament information such as fishing areas, times, keeper size, and fish quantity will be announced during opening ceremony.


PARA.1: The event committee decides when and how to start the event with regard to the weather condition of the day and the boat quantity.

PARA.2: The participant should pay attention to his starting order to avoid any disadvantage (-500g).Failure of being starting line on time will be charged a penalty (500g)

Report of Arrival

PARA.1: The participant should return within the deadline, and then report immediately. (Apply to the day of event day, apply to the next tournament day for failure of measurement (-300g)

Closing ceremony

PARA.1: All participants must attend the closing ceremony (-500g). (Apply to the day of the event for failure of attending ceremony, and apply to the next tournament day for failure of measurement.

PARA.2: The Tournament will be ended with a closing address by a chairman of the event committee after Award ceremony.

PARA.3: After the closing ceremony, all participants should clean up around the event area.

Para.4: After closing ceremony, the event committee officials should report all records to the president.


If participants is late for 5 min for measurement (-1000g penalty)

If participants is late for over 5min for measurement ( Disqualified)

PARA.1: The event committee determines the measurement time.

PARA.2: KSA installs the measurement equipment.

PART.3: Get a judgment of live and suspicious symptom.

PARA.4: Fish will be returned and released alive to the water.

PARA.5: The following marks are consideration for dead fish.

· Coated eyes

· Infected fin

· Bruised fin

· Discolored gill

PARA.6: In a general rule, fish has to be measured in a best condition.

PARA.7: The fish lying to the side or upside down in the measurement water tank shall be penalized by the scoring officer’s live and death judgment. The dead fish will be excluded with penalty accessed, and the live one will be measured with penalty accessed.

PARA.8: The measuring is from mouth to tail while mouth is closed.

PARA.9: Presenting a short keeper size shall be excluded and penalized.

PARA.10: Do not extend the weight or length of the fish artificially. (Disqualification)

PARA.11: The fish completely over turned in the measurement tank or hook wasn’t removed shall be excluded from the measurement.

PARA.12: The judgment of Live and death will be executed according to the KSA Rules, and the examiner and scoring officer have an ultimate authority for the standard.

(Stocking fish)

PARA.1: Pro and Pro Am anglers should prepare a container (live well) have a device to keep fish alive (Aerator).

PARA.2: No more than 3 fishes are allowed in the live well.

(Validation and Suspension of Tournament)

PARA.1: As a general rule, Tournament should be continued by changing of the Tournament rule even though it’s a stormy weather on the event day.

PARA.2: Even though Tournament is able to be opened due to a stormy weather, Tournament could be continued by changing of the rule, location and suspension of the event.

PARA.3: If it’s a stormy weather from the day before of the event, the event committee will notify any changes to participants by phone. (On the event day: from the reception office, during the event: from the event committee)

PARA. 4: When Tournament is suspended or participants have a safety threat by a stormy weather, they should come back to the event office or flee to a safety zone immediately, and report the situation to the event office.

PARA.5: Tournament is valid when the event has been continued for 2 hours, and the arrival time will be decided after a game suspension call by the situation at that time (usually after 1hr).

(Standings determination)

· Standings will be determined by the total weight of 3 fishes during Tournament.

· For over 1 day Tournaments, Standings will be determined by the total weight of the fishes on the 1st day and 2nd day.


PARA.1: In case of a tie of total weight for 1 day Tournaments, the following are the deciding factors. (Above factor is prior to below)

· The total quantity of fish

· Apply the same rule for 2nd day

PARA.2: In case of a tie of integrated annual points, the following are the deciding factors. (Above factor is prior to below)

· The Participant who attended most to official Tournament at the year.

· The Best total weight for the year.

· The Best Total quantity for the year.


PARA.1: All protests should be requested until the end of the measurement on the Tournament day.

PARA.2: Protest should be requested immediately on the judgment of live and death. (Protest should requested by the player, and a protest after a closed measurement shall not be accepted)

PARA.3: Protest can be requested and reported for the matter of cheating, penalty, and mistakes of Tournament operation, and it should be requested by the person.

PARA.4: In case of reexamination, it will be processed by the result of reexamination.


PARA.1: Up to the top 5th prize will be awarded for Challenger Pro Tournament.

PARA.2: The Championship will be hosted for 2 days, and ranking will be determined by the total weight for 2 days, and awarded up to the top five (5).

PARA.3: KSFA determines the entry of Championship.

PARA.4: Annual total point will be determined by the total point obtained by each Tournament of the year.

PARA.5: Challenger Pro Tournament point is given as 1st for 100 points, 2nd for 99 points, 3rd and up to 50th , and 30 points for measured and 20 points when not measured.

PARA.6: The disqualified player by an applied penalty gets 20 points, but 0 point will be given for the person who was disqualified for cheating.

PARA.7: Big annual total point earner will be awarded, and the biggest point earner will be called as” YEAR CHAMPION”

(Fishing equipment)

PARA.1: No limit to the quantity of fishing rods, reels, lures, fish detectors, and D.C motors.

PARA.2: No limit to the length of fishing rods.

PARA.3: No limit to the kind of boat.

(Fishing method)

PARA.1: Participants are limited to use of only lure and fly fishing,

PARA.2: Any usage of live bait is prohibited during Tournament. (=Disqualification)

PARA.3: Using more than 1 lure or fishing rod is prohibited (-500g).

PARA.4: Do not leave any marker (buoy) or any similar one around Tournament area.

PARA.5: Any Marker (buoy) that is out of over 10M from boat shall not be authorized.

PARA.6: The gap of between Boats is 10M. (Exception for the boat that is towing a broken boat)

PARA.7: Using any unauthorized equipment (-500g)


PARA.1: The practice for Pro Tournament is prohibited from Monday thru Friday on the week of the event day as well as fishing and boat operation, however, boating is allowed when that is for a moorage or a test driving around the event area to participate Tournament on Friday before Tournament begins.

PARA.2: If boat needs to be operated by an evitable reason, it requires an approval of KSA in advance.

PARA.3: Pro Tournament participants can’t do fishing during boat operation after a preliminary approval.

PARA.4: For the 2 days event, practice is not allowed from Monday to Friday.

PARA.5: Fishing is prohibited around Tournament area before Tournament begins.

PARA.6: As a general rule, the practice time for the Pro Tournament is from 06:00 t0 17:00.But, It could be varied in according to each event situation, and will be announced by KSA. (Penalty applicable)

PARA.7: Pro Am Tournament practice time is same as Pro Tournament.

(Boat for Tournament)

PARA.1: No limit to the kind of boat (Rubber, Aluminum, FRP), however, Participant and his boat must follow the water leisure safety laws and rules.

PARA.2: No limit to the engine horse power, but it has to follow the water leisure safety law, and the following regulations.

PARA.3: Prohibits the usage of an internal combustion engine.( Disqualification)

PARA.4: Should use an electric power motor, but there is no limit to the power of the engine.

PARA.5: No limit of the quantity of electric power engine.

(Safety equipment)

PARA.1: The boat which for Tournament should have a whistle, a life vest.(-300g)

PARA.2: The Participant for Pro Tournament should buy insurance for a day before the event day and the event day.

PARA.3: KSA collects all insurance money, and joins as a group.

PARA.4: Even though Participant already has a long term insurance individually, Joining KSA’s insurance is mandatory (No insurance= No entry).

(Safe boating)

PARA.1: Keep in mind the water leisure safety laws and the following rules for a safe boating, check the safety equipment often.

PARA.2: When a boat is broken down, send a signal for the other player.

PARA.3: Watch out for a collision with other boat when you across.

PARA.4: If your boat is broken down or capsized, do an expedient treatment first and then report to the event office (Saving life is a first priority)

PARA.5: KSA could excuse the towed boat for being late when the accident was reported to KSA in advance.

PARA.6: The towed boat shall be disqualified for an insufficient safety inspection.

PARA.7: If boat accident is happened, save a life first, and report the related details to the event committee until the end of the measuring, then penalty will not be applied for the situation.


PARA.1: To protect sponsor’s benefit, appearing with attaching any advertising stuffs ( logo, patch, sticker, insignia ) on the cap, clothes, boat for the company is not supporting KSA is prohibited in Pro Tournament.

PARA.2 Pro player should have neat clothes, keep a dignity and honor.

· Wearing slippers that don’t have a lanyard on the heel is prohibited.

· Pro player who does not have a sponsor and staff contract must wear a KSA cap, and wearing a uniform is recommended.

PARA.3: In a general rule, Player should wear a cap and a life saving vest throughout Tournament, however, it’s o.k. to take off cap in boating.

PARA.4: Pro player must attach and keep KSA sticker, I.D, Rule Book, Boat driving license on the jacket, and life vest throughout Tournament time.

PARA.5: Life saving vest is not allowed to wear on the land except for rainy day ( -300g)

(Patch/ Sticker/ Advertizing)

PARA.1: PSA is divided into KSA’s one and Sponsor’s one.

PARA.2: KSA’s PSA are KSA patch, Pro patch, and designated advertizing by KSA.

PARA.3: Location for the KSA’s PSA is the left side of jacket around heart, and attaches KSA patch, Pro patch, and advertizing in order.

PARA.4: Sponsor’s PSA may be attached any spot, but KSA’s PSA spot, and above the spot.

PARA.5: KSA committee determines the standard of the back patch for the sponsor.


The penalty rules not cover by the following rule will be determined by the event committee’s meeting to decide a suspension or depriving his status according to the importance of the matter. If he can’t appeal for that, the person should follow the rules.

PARA.1: SUSPENSTION (Violating on basic rules)

· Unpaid KSA fee

· Health problem or Drunken

PARA.2: EXPULSION (Serious violation of KSA’s honor and operation)

· The behavior that the pro makes KFSA’s Authority and honor down.

· The behavior that not following KSA’s policy and violating KSA’s order on purpose

· The behavior by a harmful speech and spreading propaganda without evidence.

DISQUALIFICATION( Cheating that affects on the Tournament’s result and insufficient personal equipment check)
· Violation of Protests

· Usage of live bait

· Violation of landing area ( except woman)

· Violation of practice time or period

· Violation of Tournament area ( including violation of upper water area)

· Keeping fish during practice

· Boating without putting a life vest on

· Boating without putting a kill switch on

· Constructing and destroying a artificial point

· Cheating with one voice and keeping place

· Conversation and using wire/ wireless phone( except for an emergency situation)

· Boat towed as a broken down

· If boat mechanic is on board for a broken boat

· Usage of unauthorized fishing equipment

· No arrival report

PENALTY -1000g ( Safety violation)
· Late arrival within 5 min

· Violation of safe boating and low speed zone

· Fails to keep a distance between boats over 10m

· Keeping more fishes than authorized quantity( per fish)

PENALTY-500g ( Violation of basic rule)
· Absence from opening ceremony( apply to the day of event, not measured=apply to next Tournament)

· Absence from closing ceremony( apply to the day of event, not measured=apply to next Tournament)

· Unopened a water screen

· Insufficient safety equipment

· Violation of attaching patch ( sticker, advertising) of KSA and Sponsor( including hat)

· Badly dressed( Including with wearing slippers that don’t have a lanyard on the heel )

· Littering waste or garbage

· Dead fish( per excluded fish for measurement)

PENALTY-300g ( Violation by negligence of the person in himself)
· Measuring under a keeping size fish( exclude from measurement)

· Hook not removed(exclude from measurement)

· Per the fish laying to the side ( include measurement)

· Putting a life vest on while he is on land

· Lost of arrival card

· In penalty rules, The event committee could warn him if the event committee decide that the violations of an orderly manner with an ungentlemanly behavior are by a minor mistake, and the person do extra work like a voluntary detail on behalf of the penalty. But, if he gets 3 warnings in the year, penalty and strong punishment could be applied to him as non-fulfillment of order.

· For the violation not indicated on the penalty rules, the operation committee determines the level of penalty with its meeting.

· The penalty according to KSA’s announcement is able to apply.

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