Licence for pulling trailers

by stevenbell posted Jul 25, 2011


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Everyone that wants to tow a boat/trailer on Korean roads by law must have a trailer license. I believe that all US military folks can simply have the trailer part added to their license very simply, but for us non-military folks we must take and pass a course and test to be able to legally drive with a trailer here in Korea.

If you already have a regular #1 or #2 Korean license then it's simply a case of taking a course and test (no written test is necessery!

The course consists of a 10 1 hour sessions which you must complete before being able to take the test. The course and test are done in an 18 wheeler type vehicle (40 foot trailer) and is a 'T' course (drive forward, reverse into space, drive forward out of the space and then reverse back to the start line).

The cost of the course and test in total comes to about 750,000 Korean Won. It's expensive but worth it to be legal on the road.

I recently took this course, so I can get you more information if you need it.

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